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Meet Colin Roy, Local Blacksmith :: Saratoga Artisan Photographer

Way back in February, I spent an enjoyable afternoon photographing Colin Roy in his blacksmith shop. Of all the sessions I’ve photographed this year, this one stood out because it was unique, challenging (it was dark, and cold, and I needed to keep out of Colin’s way while we were both wearing serious ear protection) and truly fun. Before learning of Colin and his shop, I didn’t even realize that blacksmithing as a practical trade even existed anymore, outside of art shows and maybe the occasional vendor lineup at a history fair or reenactment.

Colin is a full time mechanical engineer who is trying to make blacksmithing his full time career. For now, he specializes in kitchen knives (his dad is a chef) but has also done some other interesting projects as well.  Like the 10 foot tall sculpture that sits outside Round Lake Auditorium, simulating the original bell tower. On the day I spent with Colin, he was making a hammer. And…..something else. LOL.

Read more about Colin’s story on his website,, and see him in action this Saturday, June 24th, at the Round Lake Antiques Festival. You can also follow him on Instagram (round_lake_forge).



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