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July portrait session openings

I’ve just returned from watching the final launch of space shuttle Atlantis in Florida.  Because of the uncertain nature of launch dates and their tendency to get delayed, I didn’t schedule any portrait sessions for the month of July.  Now that Atlantis has launched, I am back a bit earlier than expected, and July dates are open again.  Email me or call if you’d like to book a session!  And since no post is complete without a picture (or 2 or 3….), here are a couple from last week’s launch.

This was my 3rd time seeing a shuttle launch, and my second for Atlantis.  I admit I was both excited, but also very, very sad to see the shuttle program end.  What a wonderful and dramatic way to see her off………..emotional already with being the last launch (yes, I cried on lift-off…..), and then the up-to-the-last-minute go/no-go weather uncertainty, the heart-stopping announcement at T-31 seconds that “We have had a failure” and the energy of about a million other spectators!  I met people from South Africa, Australia, and England who had come to the launch.  There is nothing like seeing a launch in person, with the ground rumbling roar of the engines.  Farewell Atlantis.  Safe landing on July 21st, and we’ll see you on display at Kennedy Space Center in a couple of years. :(

These were taken at about 20 seconds and 45 seconds after launch, respectively.

These were taken from Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral.

And just for good measure, a couple of point and shoot pics of the pre-dawn launch of Discovery last year.

T plus 20 seconds or so.

About 2.5 minutes after launch, after the jettison of the solid rocket boosters.  Discovery was traveling over 3000 mph at this point.

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